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Gene P. Siegrist

Gene P. Siegrist

After many years helping people with their mortgages, I decided that I would help people renovate those homes. When Rise and I got married, I would renovate our home and then we would sell it. Over the years I probably renovated 8 times since are marriage.

During my mortgage career my main focus was on builder business, so I spent many days out in the field watching and learning the trade of construction and how to supervise a team of construction workers.

In 2013, I decided to start my renovation business full time working with four teams of workers. Since that time I have worked on over 80 homes located in Wycliffe. Other communities that I have serviced have been The Equestrian Club, Black Diamond, Olympia and The Valencia’s.

We offer handyman type of work from changing a faucet, to a complete renovation of your home from floors to ceilings. Please visit my web site at to view my photos of completed improvements.

I personally supervise each job, and can be contacted 7 days a week on my cell phone 954-881-3745

Contact Me:

You may call Gene anytime on his cell at